New & Free! Portia Unbound Ensemble

William Shakespeare's Ophelia had no guts, no glory... my SL version, Portia, is a commanding, no nonsense kind of gal! She won't be found floating in some pool of water! Hell she even stole Hamlets outfit and made it her own.

I had OODLES!!!! of fun creating this, love to let my mind just go and go with the flow. As I was getting started, I thought of Hamlet because of the puffed sleeves, and Portia Unbound was born.

There are a total of 20 pieces in this outfit and a myriad of way to wear it. 4 skirting options from mini to gown length. Sculpty boots with sexy walk and heel sounds. Even poor Yorrick's skull! Jeweled Dagger and so much more.


ANYWAYS! This is an outfit you have to experience for yourself! And for the next 3 days this outfit will be available FREE! The catch? Poor Yorrick has lost his head and you have to find it, well all 20 of them!

I know, groan, another hunt?!?! Welllll... what can I say, I adore having you ladies over, have fun throwing out hints and it often turns into a real shindig with dancing, raffle ball $L payouts and loads of good chatter.

Don't feel like hunting? Portia Unbound will be boxed and for sale for $350L, still a bargain I think. :)

Mairead & Karra
"Life is in the details."
Prim & Pixel Paradise

Hair - ETD
Skin - Laroki
Shape - Alady Alady
Pose - LAP/Matreya
Eyes - "Adorable Aqua" PixelDolls PixelDolls
Location - Safira's

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