New Release - Tangled ... and other tidbits


This is being sold at my shop, but it is an exclusive free gift to the Fashion Trend group! So if you aren't a member, now is the time to join. Technically this will be sent to group on Tuesday (in 3 hours).

For the not so faint of heart, this webbed outfit wraps you in the thin silken webs as spiders watch over their wearer.

Each turn of the full flowing ballgown skirt appears to have spiders running about your feet.

The shoulder sash (flexi panels front and back) are gathered at the shoulder and held together by a spider sitting on your shoulder. The spider is actually a controller which controls a faint fog that arises from beneath your skirt. Simply touch the spider to turn the mist on or off.


We had soooo many contributors to our contest it was almost overwhelming! First I would like to thank you all for participating and secondly would like to say thank all of you who had so many glowing comments about the dress. You made me smile BIG time! :D

Kaylyn Mazi took the prize with her name "Rendevous"/ All three judges agreed it fit the dress perfectly.

REMINDER... My last release "Manhattan Sophisticate" is currently available free in a golden apple hunt at my shop. TUESDAY is the LAST DAY of the hunt. Apples will disappear at 11:50 PM LST!!!

The What The Hell Silks & Skin are FREE & in our Creepy Hollow section, be sure too snagit for yourself. Speaking of silks, all my silk "sets" and "fat packs" are currently 50% off!

Ok enough for me! Time for bed!

Hair -
Skin - Pulse
Shape - Alady
Eyes - "Adorable Aqua" PixelDolls

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