Secret Sale & Assorted Sundry Stuff

Hello fellow travelers!

Prim & Pixel Paradise has moved so my sister Karra and I need to get you over to our new spot, that means a nice secret sale... AND MORE!

There are 2 NEW FREEBIES sitting in the cart near the ramp A very cute flexi skirt with belt and Queen of the Silver Dollar glow bracelets, with color change menu.

SECRET SALE HUNT!!!! There are nine items throughout that have had their prices reduced to $0L. The hunt for these items ends Friday, September 19th, 2008 at approximately 11:50 PM SLT.

We have a lucky chair with an ecclectic assortment of orginial items including full silk sets .

We also have our (7Seas) fishing area up and running. In the custom prize giver, I've added our previous "Apple Hunt" scoop neck t-shirts as well as all the pieces to the Queen of the Nile silks (amethyst). SO if you are in the mood to do some fishing, you could snag those items for free. Our fishing server is up 24/7 so whenever you feel like kicking back, stop on by.


A small assortment of fairy wings which are both flexi and softly animated ($20L each).

A cute assortment of picture frames ($25L each) (not all pictured here)

Messy Closet Sale!!!

I've had up my Messy Closet sale for almost 2 weeks and this weekend is the last 2 days for the current ecclectic assortment of never worn & gently used items at greatly reduced prices. The Messy closet will return around October 1st with an entirely new assortment of offerings from my inventory including a nice variety of LAST CALL outfits priced BELOW $100L an outfit!

I am extending our gallery to include the works of Leonardo Nuvolari and it is my desire to host one new artist every two weeks in our guest gallery. If you are interested in participating send me a notecard with your information - best time in game to reach you, few pics attached to notecard of your work, short SL and/or RL bio. Works submitted and shown must be your your own, no exceptions.

Hope to see you here soon. :)
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